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SpraygunsDirect global shipping
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Sprayguns Direct was first conceived in 2002 as we recognised the advantage of specialising in this complicated area of the market.

The emphasis on the website simplifies identification and eliminates communication breakdown. Furthermore, the concentration on spray equipment gives bulk purchase and bulk stocking advantages.

With carrier services as they are in the modern market we realised that we could service most customers on a national level quicker than their local distributor and without extra cost.

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About SpraygunsDirect

SpraygunsDirect is a division of Morleys Derby Limited, which was established in 1966 and is run by the founder, David Clarke with the assistance of his three sons and a large support staff.

Within the company there are three ex sprayers, two of whom have been trained by DeVilbiss and Sata.

These factors give the assurance of reliable back up to SpraygunsDirect.

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SpraygunsDirect Limited Company Reg. No. 05798741

Morleys Derby Limited Company Reg. No. 1113118 - Registered Office: 250 Osmaston Road, Derby, DE23 8LB / VAT No. 127 263381
For more information please visit : www.morleysonline.co.uk

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