SpraygunsDirect global shipping
SpraygunsDirect global shipping
SpraygunsDirect Brexit Update

Sprayguns Direct is a division of Morleys Derby Ltd.  Both companies are registered at companies house in the UK.  We are a family business which has been trading since 1966.  SpraygunsDirect was first conceived and construction began in 2006.  Morleys Derby Ltd. Is listed as an official dealer on the websites of all of our main suppliers.

We only sell official genuine products and have not and will not sell any copy or fake products in our store or on our website.  Many of our competitors including many official dealers sell copy pots e.g. many DeVilbiss gravity pots sold as ‘fits DeVilbiss GTi’ etc.  We do not.  Copy pots can destroy the threads on the body of the gun and lead to the gun being fit for the bin.  Furthermore we do not list anything we do not believe in.  Items are removed if issues arise due to build quality.

Our advice is always to buy genuine and pay via PayPal as this gives you 45 days to raise a buyer’s dispute.  Serial numbers can be checked by contacting the manufacturer to make sure they are genuine.  Sata’s can be checked here http://www.sata.com.sal

Our reputation is crucial which depends on 100% customer satisfaction.  Our reputation can be verified by checking online:



We have been informed by DeVilbiss that on DeVilbiss copy guns the spray gun markings shown here at the bottom are not present.



Join the fight on social media #stopfakesprayguns by posting proper guns and if you have fallen foul of the fakers to warn others.

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