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Rigid Pipework

Prevost Piping System (PPS1) - Aluminium pipe & Aluminium fittings

Leak-free compressed air network
Optimum flow rate
An appropriate pressure, without turbulance or pressure drops
Lasting installation with 10 year material guarentee
Air supply to accessible and ergonomic work stations
High quality air
Tools spared from corrosion and contaminants offer better performance
Quick and easy maintenance
Networks extendable as needed

Quick and easy fitting
Simply insert the tube into the coupling, then tighten using the nut to the recommended torque
The teeth grip into the aluminium to hold the tube inside the coupling. The internal gasket ensures that the join is leaktight

Very low pressure drop
The flowrate is optimised thanks to an internal tube surface that is perfectly smooth, with low friction and large diameter

Unalterable material
The aluminium alloy used is coated externally with an epoxy paint and interior treatment safeguards pipe against oxydation (corrosion)

Compatable with compressor oils
Aluminium and the technopolymers comprising of the PPS system are totally compatible with compressor lubricating oils

Impact resisitance
The materials forming the system guarentee excellent mechanical resistance, withstanding internal pressure and external impacts

A nitrile gasket between pipe and coupling, plus a system for guiding the tube smoothly into the coupling, ensure that the system is totally leaktight

Totally future-proof
The materials and assembly mechanism ensure that the resulting system is flexible, upgradable and capable of solving even the most complex equipment issues.
The fitting system is straighforward and does not require heavy or costly tooling

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