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    Advanced Pinstripe Art

    Author: Timothy Remus

    Pinstripe art continues to grow in popularity as more people want to add a personal touch to their cars and motorcycles.

    The best way to learn is from someone who does it all day, and this book highlights 12 top pinstripe artists and their work. Each chapter is dedicated to a separate project, taking you from initial design to complete finish, presented in 500 colour images.

    Since the days of Von Dutch, hot rod and motorcycle enthusiasts have used pinstripes both as stand-alone art and to complement a graphic paint job.

    A must-have for those with a keen interest in this art form.

    Including advice from the best in the business and frequent questions such as: how to load the paint on a brush? How much paint to use? Which methods to use and the best brush for your technique.

    A comprehensive book that no airbrush practitioner can afford to miss!


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