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    Farecla G3 Fine Finishing Compound (0.5kg) (G3F501)

    Farecla G3 fine offers rapid removal of minor defects and swirl marks from all modern paint systems. Scratches are permanently removed to leave a gloss finish. The increased lubrication allows the compound to work for longer without drying out which means you won’t need to use water to keep the compound wet. Engineered to prevent throw-off when polishing which also significantly reduces clean up times. Best used with a soft polishing pad to help protect delicate and fresh painted surfaces.

    • Leaves a permanent gloss finish
    • No water required
    • 0.5kg squeeze bottle

    G3 Fine offers rapid removal of minor surface defects and swirl marks from all modern paint systems. Superb on darker colours. G3 Fine is ideally applied using a Farécla G Mop Finishing Foam, which was engineered in tandem with the compound to provide optimum performance.

    Key Benefits

    FAST SCRATCH REMOVAL – Removes P3000 or offer sanding marks

    SWIRL REMOVER – Swirls and holograms eliminated permanently

    SURFACE RESTORER – Restores lightly oxidised paint work and dull surfaces

    VERSATILITY – Can be used by machine with foam or lambs wool applicator as well as by hand

    DRY USE & CLEAN TO USE –  Easy clean up, minimal splatter or dusting

    Technical Information

    • Appearance: Thick white coloured liquid
    • VOC Content: 0g/L
    • Relative Density: 0.99
    • pH: 8.5 – 9.5
    • Paint Type Compliance: All paint types

    Additional information

    Weight 0.5 kg

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