• Iwata Super Nova WS400 Gravity Spray Gun SUPER KIT! (WS400-super-kit)

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    Iwata WS400 Super Nova Gravity Spray Gun

    Fantastic performance from the designers of almost every modern Ferrari and more, Pininfarina!

    In this super kit, you get an Iwata WS400 Basecoat spray gun and an Iwata WS400 Clearcoat spray gun at a massively discounted price with a set-up of your choice.

    Tailored setups for all applications. An easy gun to get on with – never seems to have a critic.

    • Spray gun available stamped ‘BASE’ or ‘CLEAR’ with a 1.2, 1.3 or 1.4mm fluid tip.
    • New HD (High Delivery) setups up to 1.5mm are available, ideal for solvent application.
    • New OBS (optimized base setting) is available in a 1.3 only, please see drop down option for details.

    Supernova has a long flat fan pattern with paint material delivered evenly across it, this gives you a superb overlap on modern paints. Essential for mottle-free basecoat application and a flat and even lay down on clears.

    Fluid control is essential for colour reproduction of waterborne basecoats, the combination of consistent stable fluid output and flat even fan pattern gives you an unmatched application of modern paints. The new responsive trigger action makes the application of basecoats even easier.

    Weight and balance make this spray gun an excellent choice for a comfortable repetitive strain-free day in a busy modern body shop environment.

    The SUPERNOVA state of the art ergonomic design helps you achieve the results you require in today’s demanding workplace.

    This superb spray gun delivers a consistent droplet size when atomizing, combine this with the spray gun flat even fan pattern and this will help reduce the common issues ie: boil and pin holing on HS clear coats. These issues are due to too much clear coat in one area caused by centre heavy fan patterns.

    This gun takes spraying modern-day water-based basecoats and HS clear coats to another level.

    HD suits solvent.

    Available as standard, Pro kit, and Super kit.

    Iwata WS400 Spray Guns. Use for Base / Clear / Lacquer

    Low Volume Low Pressure – Produces a finer spray than LS400

    Pro-Kit contains (Please see separate listing for this option!):

    Super Kit contains:

      • WS400 Spray Gun (Basecoat) 
      • WS400 Spray Gun (Clearcoat) 
      • 2x Spray Gun Cup (600cc) 
      • 1 x Gauge
      • Multiple Gun Plastic Case
      • Spanner 
      • Cleaning Brush

    Available with the following fluid tips:

      • 1.2
      • 1.3 Base
      • 1.3 Clear
      • 1.3 Base HD
      • 1.3 Clear HD
      • 1.3 Base OBS
      • 1.4 Base
      • 1.4 Clear
      • 1.4 Base HD
      • 1.4 Clear HD
      • 1.5 Base HD
      • 1.5 Clear HD


    For Adapters please follow the links below for selected adaptor and select the correct part number from the model part number dropdown.

    – 3M PPS adapter Series 1.0 No.43 (50677) 

    3M PPS Preparation System Adaptor (Choice of 25 Adaptors) (16032 / 16759)

    3M PPS adapter Series 2.0 No. S43 (26077)

    3M PPS Preparation System Adaptor Series 2.0 (26003 / 26139)

    – DeVilbiss (DPC-78)

    DeVilbiss DeKup System Adaptor (Choice of 8 Adaptors)

    – SATA (125278)

    SATA RPS Adapters for non-SATA Spray Guns (125211 / 147272)

    – Colad (9370A13)

    Colad Snap Lid Adaptor (choose in drop down. refer to ‘tech’ for right one) (9370A02 / 9370A22)

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