SpraygunsDirect global shipping
SpraygunsDirect global shipping
SpraygunsDirect Brexit Update


VAT / IVA registered businesses can select (or at anytime deselect) VAT number entry and validation in ‘my account’ then Account Information 'below left menu' if already logged in.
By entering your VAT number, our system will not charge VAT up-front; this facilitates / enables the reclamation of VAT.

The carrier e.g. DHL will contact you once your order arrives in your county. You will then be required to pay VAT at the relevant rate due in your state. They will also require a payment to clear and transfer (disbursement) the VAT to your government. This is typically €15 please see table below for DHL rate. Who we usually use. If there are any issues at any point we are here to resolve them. EU business is very important to us and we have a programme in place to ensure smooth automated customs processing. Where the VAT handling fee exceeds the value of the VAT it’s self you may wish to cover this small payment, if you wish to do so you can go into the ‘My Account’ icon at the top right of the site then Account Information 'below left menu' if already logged in so you can remove your VAT country combination you can do this either way and switch backwards and forwards according to your wishes. If this is not clear contact us. We guarantee this will enable you to reclaim the VAT

For 'new account' registrations this will be part of the registration automated process (if required).

 Thank you for your business.

EU VAT/ IVA Disbursement Fees

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