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    3M Self-Generated Vacuum Random Air Orbital Sander, 152 mm, 2.5 mm orbit (88957)

    3M Self-Generated Vacuum Random Orbital Sander has self generated vacuum which sucks dust particles into the filter bag.

    • Precision-balanced steel workings run smoothly with less vibration, ideal for high production industrial environments
    • Improved durability, ergonomics and noise level maximize comfort and control for prolonged use
    • Pneumatic power exceeds the capability of standard electric sanders, supplying hours of continual use
    • HEPA rated Clean Sanding Filter Bags eliminate the need for vacuum hose and improve operator ease of use
    • Self-generated vacuum sucks dust particles into a HEPA-rated 3M™ Clean Sanding filter bag

    Our line of 3M™ Self-Generated Vacuum Random Orbital Sanders (SGV) are air-powered and deliver professional performance and a swirl-free finish in high-production industrial environments where dust extraction is preferred. Our high-quality tools are designed to optimize the performance of 3M™ Abrasives and incorporate 3M™ Clean Sanding Filter Bags for effective dust removal.

    Our line of 3M™ Self-Generated Vacuum Random Orbital Sanders are made with a durable lightweight aluminum housing, run smoothly, are comfortable to use and built to last. Use them with a wide selection of 3M abrasives and accessories. 3M™ SGV sanders are an integral part of the 3M™ Clean Sanding System made up of the SGV tool, Clean Sanding disc pad, and Clean Sanding disc, sold separately. Together these components are engineered to effectively eliminate dust from the workpiece and surrounding space. The SGV sander uses the inlet air to create its own venturi vacuum that extracts the dust from the work surface and expels it through a wide collection port on the back of the tool into a filter bag. The 3M™ Clean Sanding Filter Bag included with the tool achieves superior HEPA-rated dust collection with an air filter inside the bag that locks dust away and effectively retains it for disposal. 3M™ Hookit™ Disc Pad Included for Optimal Performance 3M™ SGV sanders perform best when paired with 3M™ disc pads and abrasives. Designed specifically to optimize the performance of these tools, the disc pads maximizes dust extraction and minimizes vibration for smooth operation. The 3M proprietary hole pattern reduces swarf in the middle of the pad and increases disc performance and life. Offering convenience and versatility, the 3M™ Hookit™ system enables easy disc changeouts and allows operators to use Scotch-Brite™ Surface Conditioning Discs in addition to coated abrasive Hookit discs (both sold separately). Why Choose a 3M™ Random Orbital Sander? Our family of random orbital sanders optimize sanding and surface preparation on wood, metal, fiberglass and composite materials, and many other substrates. Also known as dual action (D/A) palm sanders, these industrial-grade tools rotate the abrasive disc and disc pad in two simultaneous overlapping oval patterns so no single abrasive particle follows the same path twice, producing a random scratch and swirl-free finish.

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