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    Colad Orange Masking Tape (FULL BOX) (900019 / 900050)

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    Colad Orange Masking Tape (FULL BOX) (900019 / 900050)

    Colad Orange™ Masking Tape is an orange coloured masking tape that is high temperature and UV resistant! It also has a unique adhesive compound. It is suitable for all types of paint systems!
    ● This tape is UV and weather resistant up to 8 days!
    ● It leaves no residue after removal, has exceptional sharp lines and has a temperature resistance of 100°C for 1 hour.
    An all-round high tack orange coloured masking tape for masking jobs that require high performance and maximum flexibility.

    Additional information

    Weight 3.5 kg
    Tape Size

    19mm (900019), 25mm (900025), 38mm (900038), 50mm (900050)

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