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    Colad OneStepReady (8700 / 8725)

    Covers the entire polishing process

    From fine sanding at the start to remove scratches, to a high gloss finish.

    Benefits of OneStepReady

    • One step polishing compound: efficient in use, you only need one sponge and one polishing material
    • Works excellently with both old and new coatings
    • Can be used on all kinds of painted surfaces
    • Non-solvent based
    • Does not create polishing dust that is left over after polishing
    • Does not contain any kind of wax
    • Best results in combination with the Colad sanding pads line (medium & hard)
    • Saves time and no polishing failures anymore
    • Produces the best finish, also on corroded surfaces
    • Minimum waste of material

    Technical Features of OneStepReady

    • Colad OneStepReady polishing compound is a dual function one step polishing material for various surfaces
    • OneStepReady functions at the start of the polish process as a fine sanding paste
    • The fine sanding particles in the paste transform during the polishing process and become finer along the way.
    • The polishing material changes from sanding paste towards a finishing polishing compound, without creating polishing dust. Reaching a high gloss surface without holograms in one step
    • Colad OneStepReady does not contain solvent and silicones, and therefore safe for the user
    • Performs best in combination with Colad foam pads 010050 & 010051
      – “Hard” for aggressive polishing (deeper scratches)
      – “medium” for less aggressive polishing (finish)

    Additional information

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