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    Colad Spray Gun Cleaning Kit Premium Box Set 22pcs. (8822)


    Clean and remove paint residues with small brushes and needles and protect your precious spray gun with the content of this reusable box.

    A reusable box, 22-piece box of brushes and other items for detailed cleaning work, enabling perfect cleaning of all types of spray guns and specially designed for HVLP spray guns. The box contains types of brushes and needles to clean the fluid tip, air cap, air passage and exterior of your spray gun. It is now easy to remove paint of small gun parts. Also the outer part of the gun can also be cleaned with the end brush. Ready to start with your next paint job.


    Features and benefits:

    • 6 brushes for cleaning the inner parts for several spray gun brands, like Sata, Sagola, Devilbiss, Walcom, Airgunsa, Asturo, Aerometal, Iwata, ANI, Aerometal and Hamach.
    • Also for airbrushes, stripper tools and nozzles.
    • Storage in a reusable box, so all parts stay clean and are always easy to find.



    Use in paint area or mixing room. Perfect in combination with the Hamach Spray Gun Cleaners or Hamach Cleaning Fluid HR1000



    • Long handled angle wire brush 1 x
    • Long handled straight wire brush 1 x
    • Medium sized wire brush 1 x
    • Medium sized brass brush (in bottle) 1 x
    • Fine brushes (in bottle) 5 x
    • Fine points (in bottle) 6 x
    • Hobby knife holders 2 x
    • Plastic handled brush 1 x
    • Detail brushes 3 x
    • Bottles for cleaning solution (cleaning solution not included!) 1 x

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