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    DeVilbiss Gun Cleaning Kit (KK-4584)



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    DeVilbiss Gun Cleaning Kit

    The Professional Spray Gun Cleaning Kit from DeVilbiss is the convenient, practice, and inexpensive system for cleaning DeVilbiss, Binks, FinishLine and all other major brands of equipment. 

    The Kit Contains:

    • 1/2″ Brush- Use to clean the gun fluid inlet, gun air inlet, gun body (air and fluid passages), gravity cup outlet and suction cup tube.
    • Cleaning Needles and Handle- A range of fine needles with useful handle for easy cleaning or air cap holes. Care must be taken when using this tool so that holes are not damaged. If damage occurs, the spray pattern and gun performance could be affected
    • Pick- Useful additional tool for removing needle packing, air cap retaining ring dip, internal gun seals and cup gasket.
    • Spray gun Oil- After cleaning a spray gun, the vital pivoting or frictional points should be lubricated. For your convenience, a sachet of spray gun oil is included in the kit.
    • 3/16″ End Brush- Use to clean inside the fluid tip, inside air cap and any other arease that require a smaller, stiffer brush.
    • 3 Piece Mini Brush Set- Use for cleaning the centre hole of the air cap, horn holes of the air cap, fluid tip, baffle and any small spray gun passage.
    • Black handle Brush- General purpose tool for cleaning gun body, cup, air cap and ring, trigger and gun controls. 

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