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    DeVilbiss PROLite Suction Spray Gun (Formerly known as GTI PRO LITE Suction) (905157 / 905160)

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    DeVilbiss PROLite Suction Spray Gun (Formerly Known as GTI PRO LITE Suction)

    The new 2021 PROLite Suction Spray gun is a totally redesigned spray gun with an ergonomic gun body with an improved fit, feel comfort and controls. Suitable for use with a suction cup or pump, tanks or remote feed cups. Balanced air valve design for ultra-smooth triggering and control.

    Perfect for any climate and paint, the DeVilbiss PROLite spray gun delivers exceptional performance and colour match capabilities for today’s automotive refinish coatings that can be difficult to atomize, such as low VOC, high solids, pearls or metallic materials.

    This PROLite performance is achieved utilizing high-capacity air passages and a linear air valve to provide unrestricted, even flow of compressed air through the gun body, enabling the precision engineered air caps to produce superior atomisation with consistent droplet distribution throughout the entire spray pattern.

    PROLite is precision built using the highest quality materials for a longer working life. The forged aluminium body features QuickClean™ coating with non-stick properties that reduce clean up time. The high-grade stainless steel fluid nozzles and needles, plus nickel plated brass air caps all contribute to a gun that will last in the most extreme professional spray environments. When routine maintenance is needed, the easy-to-maintain design ensures minimum production downtime. In approval testing with paint company technicians over the last decade, the PROLite has consistently met the highest colour match standards, ensuring that you get the job done right — the first time and every time.


    • Lightweight and comfortable handle design with reduced trigger travel to decrease operator fatigue
    • Uniform atomisation and spray pattern for ease of application
    • Advanced range of air cap technology for exceptional application performance with the latest waterbourne and solventbourne coatings
    • Environmental legislation-compliant atomisation with high transfer efficiency resulting in significant paint savings
    • Forged aluminium gun body with unique QuickClean™ coating and a removable air baffle for a longer working life

     The PROLite Suction comes with 1.6mm / 1.8mm and the 2.0mm Setup.

    – New colour with special ‘quick clean’ coating

    – Two advanced air cap choices to suit solids, metallics, bases and clear

    TE10 High-Efficiency Air Cap

    – 270 l/min (9.5 cfm) @ 2.0 bar (30psi)

    – High-efficiency trans-tech air cap best suited for the base and clear coating

    – Lays material down faster and smoother than the TE20.

    TE20 High-Efficiency Air Cap

    – 360 l/min (12.7 cfm) @ 2.0 bar (30psi)

    – High-Efficiency trans-tech air cap best suited for gloss, base and clear coating

    – Higher transfer efficiency than the TE10.

    T110 Clearcoat (higher solids) Air Cap

    High-performance Trans-Tech atomisation technology best suited to clear coating and glosses. This aircap brings new levels of performance, particularly in the application of the latest compliant clearcoats. 

    – As OEM finishes are not that smooth, does not always suit such as when using lower solid technology.

    It- Particularly suited to classic car finishers or industrial applications as it applies to glass.

    – Air consumption: 9.4cfm- 265l/min.

    For Adaptors please follow the links below for selected adaptor and select the correct part number from the model part number dropdown.

    DeVilbiss PROLite Suction Spray Gun (Formerly known as GTI PRO LITE Suction) (905157 / 905160)

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