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    Dupont 800RA Plastic Primer Aerosol

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    Dupont 800RA Plastic Primer

    Transparent Adhesion promotor for uncoated plastics. It can be overcoated with  2K filling primers and Topcoats.

    • Always ready to use – no mixing required.
    • It saves time and is an easy application for increased productivity.
    • Convenient aerosol application, no cleaning of spray equipment.
    • Easy to use patented 400ml aerosol can with excellent atomisation and high transfer efficiency. 
    • ‘HVLP style’ nozzle reduces overspray mist.
    • The spray pattern direction can be changed by turning the ‘HVLP style’ nozzle through 90°.
    • Complete product use, no material left over to be scrapped after each job – minimum wastage.
    • VOC compliant, conform with directive 2004/42/EU


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