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    Fast Mover ATEX Thermostat (AFT40)

    An ATEX approved cast aluminium alloy thermostat for use with the FAW1000 Paintroom and hazardous area air warmers.

    This ATEX approved thermostat is suitable for installation in Zone 1 or 2 hazardous areas.

    The AFT40 has external adjustment enabling quick and accurate variable control.

    Features 2 cable entries and external and internal earths.

    Wall mounted with threaded boss or industry standard flange.

    Suitable for use in ambient temperatures -60 to + 60 degrees C. 250V 16 Amp ATEX certified 11 2G/D IECEx & ATEX certified Ex`d` 11C T6 Ex tD A21 IP6X T85 degrees C for Zone 1 or 2 (GAS) and Zone 21 or 22 (DUST).

    Size 126mm x 113mm x 86mm

    For use with FAW1000.

    Additional information

    Weight 5 kg
    Dimensions 12.6 × 11.3 × 8.6 cm

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