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    Trade: £748.92
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    Fast Mover Displaced Parts Trolley (FMT600)

    The best-displaced parts trolley you will ever buy! Strong, robust, agile, aesthetic yet practical. The bottom mesh shelf is excellent for heavy or dirty items, and the 2 further wooden shelves will carry the cleaner or more oversized items.

    The trolley is made from a strong steel box section. Great for complying with PAS125 and insurance repair policies.

    Organise your workshop now, and the trolley will even fit through a standard pedestrian door! This makes it very easy to fit between parked cars and enables them to go from one workshop to another.

    Dimensions (H x W x D): 1630 x 1110 x 600mm

    Additional information

    Weight 35 kg
    Dimensions 111 × 60 × 163 cm

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