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    Flake King 1000 Dry Flake Gun (F0C1000)

    Flake King 1000 Gun in our opinion is an amazing way to get a full saturated coverage, amazing for adding that wow to your paint job.

    The Flake King 1000 Dry Metal Flake Applicator Gun has been designed to be an efficient way of applying dry metal flake. Save time, save material and save money! Simply add flake, open the flake valve, set the pressure and you’re ready to go. This dry metal flake applicator is used by many professional and hobby custom painters worldwide. Why apply the Metal Flake dry?

    • Minimizes the amount of flake you use
    • Reduces the volume of catalysed clear that you use
    • Reduces the risk of clear coat failure & potential “sagging” of flake and clear
    • Increases speed significantly – we’re talking by days for a large job
    • Improves the clean-up process – because the flake is dry when applied, it simply brushes up/off
    • Reduces risk of cross contamination of future paint jobs
    • Because you have a dry metal flake gun, there is no longer flake in your clear coat gun again reducing the risk of flake ending up in future paint jobs



    Flake King 1000 Kit Contents:

      • Dry metal flake gun
      • Machined aluminium lid and 100g jar
      • Regulator
      • Medium nozzle only (red)



    If you’re in the market for a dry metal flake applicator that doesn’t just spit flake out randomly then you’ve come to the right place. This gun doesn’t rely on pick up tubes that can cause flake “flurries”; it truly agitates the flake and draws it out consistently giving you professional results.


    There are multiple ways to apply the flake – you can set the barrel to be self-levelling or rigid to suit your spraying style. The barrel is now removable so you can blow your flake into the clear coat either from the gun handle or by simply turning the flake valve off.

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