FLEX Compact Orbital Sander with Speed Control (530632) (Offer Ends 31st August)



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    FLEX Compact Orbital Sander with Speed Control & Extra Large Backing Pad (530632)

    Flex Compact orbital sander OSE 2-70×198-EC 530.632

    • Brushless motor with higher efficiency and longer lifespan
    • E-signal switch for easy, safe operation with quick stop function prevents the sanding plate from running
    • Material-appropriate grinding speed thanks to electronic speed adjustment
    • Ideal for sanding filled surfaces on car parts during repair work.
    • To sand the surface flat and avoid unevenness before applying the filler and using an eccentric sander
    • Electronics: Speed preselection in 4 stages, constant speed maintenance using a tachogenerator, soft start, restart lock
    • Velcro sanding plate with slanted pad geometry and multi-hole system for optimal suction, suitable for all commercially available abrasives
    • Lightweight, compact one-hand orbital sander, particularly ergonomic and low-vibration thanks to special balancing for fatigue-free and
      joint-friendly work
    • Ergonomically designed, handy handle cap with soft grip insert ensures a secure hold and good guidance
    • Effective dust extraction through integrated self-suction for dust-free work with filter cartridge
    • Connection option for external dust extraction with Ø 27 mm, antistatic suction hose SH 27×3.5m AS (445.045)

    Flex Compact orbital sander OSE 2-70×198-EC

    Flex -530632

    Flex Compact orbital sander with speed control 70 x 198 mm 2mm stroke

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