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    GYS Super Pro EV Charger (080676)

    The SUPER PRO SMART – EV CHARGE is a charging cable that can be used on both 230V and 400V sockets. It allows the user to recharge their vehicle as quickly as possible in accordance with the socket available on site. Supplied with two easily interchangeable mains cables, it offers fast charging anywhere on a 32A socket. The ability to switch between different power supplies means that the unit takes up minimal space in the vehicle, which is kept as compact as possible thanks to the carrying case.


    • Ideal for workshop mechanics
    – Can be easily switched from one mains cable to another depending on the nearest electrical outlet in the workshop.
    – Significant time saving when recharging a vehicle, as it charges very quickly from a 32A socket.
    – Simple set-up on the intuitive interface, with digital display.
    – Can be attached as a wall-mounted charging station if connected to an outlet that is dedicated to EV charging.

    • Ideal for an on-the-move user with an EV or Plug-in Hybrid
    – Can be connected anywhere using the two supplied power cables.
    – Very fast charge on a 32 A socket allowing you to recharge in a very short period of time, so you can continue your journey.
    – Supplied with a carrying case and equipped with a handle for more convenient transportation.


    – Permits the selection of the ideal amperage for the electrical installation and
    the battery that needs to be charged: from 6A to 32A in single and three-phase.

    – Identifies the type of mains cable connected, and limits the amperage
    selection accordingly.

    – Complies with EV charging standards (IEC 61851-1, EN 62752 & EN 62196).
    – The housing and charging cable are IP65 rated. They are resistant to both dust and rain.


    – Memorises settings to make it convenient when starting a daily charge. Each charge initiated after the settings have been saved
    will be carried out according to this configuration, as soon as the cable is connected to the vehicle.
    – Can delay the start of the charging process.
    To time your charging to coincide with «off-peak» hours, for example.

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