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    Iwata AquaDry Paint Dryer Gun (13908402)

    AquaDry Kit is a versatille system to speed up the drying process of water based coatings.

    Its exclusive configuration provides an extremely uniform air flow system, which considerably reduces the drying time of the painted surfaces, thanks to the considerable acceleration of the water evaporation contained in the paints. The control of the air volume produced by the gun is about 6 times its air consumption. The use of a single device is particularly suitable for small areas, while the system mounted on the stand is particularly suitable for larger surfaces and commercial vehicles


    • Guns are provided with quick couplings which allow fast disassembly
    • Air regulator included
    • 2 Guns are easily and independently adjustable (height from 0 to 210 cm)
    • Each gun can be used independently
    • The stand has a slide and lock height adjustment.
    • Gun brackets can be moved along the length of the arm and positioned
    • to suit, max adjustable 80 cm
    • Sturdy and dismountable steel base with rubber foot 62×62 cm
    • Venturi air entrainment increases air flow by 6:1

    Technical Data

    • Max. pressure: 7 bar
    • Max. air consumption: 2 x 600 lt./min

    Indispensable for the acceleration of flash off for water based coatings

    Guns are provided with quick couplings which allows fast disassembling.

    Guns are easily included, Venturi air entrainment increases air flow by 6-1.

    For the Complete set including the stand please click here.

    Additional information

    Weight 1 kg

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