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    Iwata AZ4 HTE-S Impact Spray Gun (taking over from AZ40) (13000710 / 13001150) with Black Air Cap for Smart and Spot Repair

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    Iwata AZ4 HTE-S Impact (taking over from AZ40) with Black Air Cap for Smart and Spot Repair

    The AIR GUNSA range has been specially enhanced by the launch of the Iwata AZ4 HTE-S IMPACT Junior. this version of the new gun has been specially designed to achieve those SMALL to MEDIUM repairs on a vehicle body that can be perfectly repaired with high transfer efficacy, more control and maximum comfort for the operator. ideal for both water-based and solvent-based paints with an adjustable inlet valve as standard.


    With a wide range of nozzles available the AZ4 Junior is ideal for both water based and solvent based applications. With its inlet valve adjuster feature as standard, this helps you to achieve precise adjustment when used at lower pressure achieving small compact results.

    Gravity Cup Sizes

    The AZ4 Junior comes with a choice of two cup systems with a 70ml or 200ml for spot and smart repair and 600ml for general industry if required. The AZ4 Junior can also be used with a number of disposable systems available on the market.


    The air cap is black for the Spot and Smart Repair model, while it is anodized grey for the General Industry version.

    Available with the 200ml cup or the 70ml cup.

    Available in the following 0.8mm, 1.0mm or 1.2mm.


    For Spray Gun Adaptors please follow the Blue links below for selected adaptor.

    Brand Adaptor Number
    3M PPS Series 1 No.06 (16036)
    3M PPS Series 2 No. S06 (26036)
    SATA RPS No.4 (125278)
    Colad Snap Lid No.12 (9370A12)

    Additional information

    Weight 1 kg
    *With 70ml or 200ml Cup and Nozzle Size

    200ml 0.8mm (13000710), 200ml 1.0mm (13000720), 200ml 1.2mm (13000730), 200ml 1.3mm (13000740), 70ml 0.8mm (13001130), 70ml 1.0mm (13001140), 70ml 1.2mm (13001150)

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