• Iwata Miniature Neo Air Compressor (C-IW-NEO)



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    Iwata Miniature Neo Air Compressor

    The Neo Air for Iwata miniature air compressor is compact, portable (weighing less than a pound!), reliable and quiet.

    The Neo Air is the lightest and most portable option for providing air to fine Iwata airbrushes, such as for nail art, cake decorating, and model painting, or for working at low pressures, such as for cosmetics or body art. It works with most gravity-feed airbrushes.

    The Neo Air is suitable for home, mobile or occasional use. To protect the motor, the Neo Air compressor will automatically shut-off after 10 minutes of continuous use, which avoids accidentally leaving the compressor on. It may be used for a session of 30 minutes continuous use. If you need a compressor for heavier use, please see the Iwata Studio Series compressors.

    The Neo Air is equipped with an Automatic Bleed Valve. This lets the motor run when the airbrush trigger is not depressed. It features an On/Off button with 3-speed control: Click 1 – Medium setting/Purple Light, Click 2 – High setting/Blue Light, Click 3 – Low setting/Red Light, Click 4 – to turn Off.

    The Neo Air features:

    • Low maintenance, oil-less miniature air compressor
    • Compact and portable – weighs less than a pound!
    • Air flow at 0 psi: 0.37 CFM (10.5 LPM)
    • Working pressure from 1 psi to 15 psi.
    • Comes with a vinyl hose
    • Manual On/Off and 3-speed control button
    • Built in airbrush holder
    • Size: H 13 x W 9.9 x H 6.5 cm (approx)
    • Weight: 0.43kg
    • Motor: DC 12V, 1.1A
    • Power Supply: 100V-240V 50/60Hz, 2.0A
    • Duty cycle: 30 mins (3 x 10 mins) continuous use. Please allow the motor to rest for at least 20 minutes after each cycle of continuous use. This compressor will automatically shut-off after 10 minutes of continuous use to remove the risk of accidentally leaving it turned on due to its quiet motor. 10 minutes is not the duty cycle and it may be turned on for a second and third period of 10 minutes for 30 minutes continuous use, before having to allow a cool down period.

     Neo for Iwata CN The Neo Air compressor is suitable for the airbrushes which have low air consumption.

    If you require further advice on choosing the most suitable equipment for you needs and budget, or if you have any doubt about the compatibility between equipment you are buying and equipment you already own, then please contact us.

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