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    Mirka Optimised Surface Preparation System 77mm / 125mm / 150mm Finishing Discs (Pack of 20)

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    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Mirka Optimised Surface Preparation System 125mm Discs (Pack of 50)

    Mirka’s Optimised Surface Preparation System is truly unique thanks to an innovative combination of high-tech abrasives, tools and processes that cannot be compared to anything else on the market today. The focus on speed, control, simplicity and repeatability instantly makes traditional methods inefficient and obsolete.

    Some Benefits

    • Increased sanding speed and efficiency saves time on every job which boosts productivity and profitability.
    • Standardised, step-by-step processes means predictable, consistent quality on ever repair.
    • ‘Dust Free’ – the workshop stays cleaner which helps reduce the risk of dust inclusions in paintwork and minimises the need for de-nibbing
    • Healthier workshop environment for staff.
    As the name suggests, the Optimized Surface Preparation targets the entire process and this is a decisive factor. As well as maximizing the performance of every individual phase of the process, each step has also been optimized to work perfectly with all the other steps. Mirka’s OSP abrasives are clearly marked with numbers, making it easy to know which disc or strip should be used for each step. Number 1 is used for paint removal, number 2 for feather edge, number 3 for preparing the repaired area for primer by reducing scratches and expanding the feather edge and number 4 for finalising the sanding.


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    Weight 0.5 kg
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    OSP-1 Paint Removal Disc (OS20305001A), OSP-2 Feather Edge Disc (OS20305002A), OSP-4 150mm Finishing Soft Disc (OS71102004A)