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    Moldex Ultimate P3 Dust Mask-Best Dust Mask in the World (3505-1 / 3505-5)

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    Moldex Ultimate P3 Dust Mask-Best Dust Mask in the World (3505-1 / 3505-5)

    The unique pleated filter technology offers extremely low breathing resistance. This FFP3 mask has a full face seal and adjustable strap and clip. The ActivForm® seal automatically adjusts to different face shapes and movements to give a secure fit.

    Choose the Moldex 3505 for superior FFP3-level protection against hazardous dusts, fumes, and aerosols. This mask’s longevity is assured with a 6-year shelf life. Experience supreme comfort with the TPE full face seal and Ventax Valve, which mitigates heat and moisture. Its Activform seal adapts to various face shapes, while the robust DuraMesh design ensures long-lasting use. Benefit from effortless breathing due to the extensive filtering surface, and enjoy convenience with the neck strap and clip. Trust in the 3505 FFP3 for comprehensive protection coupled with ultimate comfort.

    • The DuraMesh® shell increases shape retention and durability.
    • Ventex®-valve reduces moisture and heat inside the mask.
    • 5 face masks per box, individually factory sealed
    • FFP3 protection against harmful and carcinogenic dusts, fumes and water/oil based mists/aerosols 20 x WEL (Workplace Exposure Limit) which is a N99 NIOSH Standard Equivalent.
    • Full face seal made of comfortable TPE material which is gentle on the skin
    • The filtering surface of the 3505 FFP3 mask is almost 3 times larger than a standard filter product allowing you to breathe more easily
    • Special Ventax Valve reduces heat and moisture instead the mask for increased comfort
    • Activform seal automatically adjusts the FFP3 mask to different face shapes, no nose clip needed
    • Produced with Moldex DuraMesh material for a durable, strong structure that lasts
    • The Strap and clip allows you to hang the mask around the neck during breaks.

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