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    Quartz VOC Clearcoat 1L Lacquer. A modern true HS/UHS (50100-1)

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    Quartz Crystal Clear Lacquer 1L

    Quartz VOC clearcoat lacquer is a high-quality lacquer to leave a shiny surface, along with protecting your painted surface. Quartz VOC clear is high build and we only recommend using inefficient ovens. A modern true HS/UHS.

    Available in 1L or 5L


    • 2:1 ratio with hardener
    • Spray with a 1.2mm-1.3mm spray gun at 2-2.5 bar pressure
    • Drying time is 10-30 mins. at 60°c

    We recommend this product is used in oven dry conditions.

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    Weight 1 kg

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