• Rand Solvent Spraygun Cleaner (UG3000)

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    Rand Solvent Spraygun Cleaner (UG3000)

    This excellent value economy model cleans 2 paint guns and cups using wash timer with 14 swril action jets.

    • Built in vent for automatic fume extraction and door fitted as standard on the Uk model.
    • The wash cycle is powered by a heavy duty dual diaphragm pump, complete with air pressure regulator and moisture filter.
    • Automatic shut off when lid is rasied.
    • Quick disconnect on suction pipe allows quick removal of pail, cleaning tanks, suction pipe and delivery tubes
    • Rinse pump constructed from corrosive resistant stainless steel.
    • CE approved.
    • Tank size: 17″ W x 13″ D x 13″ H

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