• Rand Waterborne Spraygun Cleaners (UM120W)

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    Rand Waterborne Gun Cleaner (UM120W)

    The economical UM120W, wash spray guns with the flow-through brush use recirculating water from the container in the cabinet. Also, clean the paint channel of the spray gun using the wash gun with fresh water from the container in the cabinet. 

    • Single gun cleaning machine with a manual clean and rinse, recirculating pail, clean water pail, water filter and timed flocculent.
    • After cleaning the wash water collects in the reservoir until full.
    • Turning the timer automatically agitates the wash water with air.
    • The coagulated wash is released to the filter by opening the ball valve, the paint debris collects in the filter for disposal and the clean water passes through the recirculating wash pail for reuse or disposal, with permission, to the drain.
    • The cleaning tank, the fluid channels and the diaphragm pump are constructed from corrosion-resistant materials.

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