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    Sagola DPC800 Paint Cup Kit: 800ml (Different Grades Available) (PTDPC-800-125 / PTDPC-800-190)

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    Sagola DPC800 Paint Cup Kit: 800ml (Different Grades Available) (PTDPC-800-125 / PTDPC-800-190)

    Each kit contains 50 liners and lids.

    The Sagola DPC™ Disposable Paint Cup System by Elcometer offers a cost effective, time saving, quick colour change solution for today’s busy spray shop professionals.

    • Easy to Use: On-cup ratios and fill markings reduce the reliance on traditional mixing cups, just fill, mix and spray!
    • Easy to Store: To store unused paint between coats simply fit the Cup Seal Plug and store it upside down to keep the filter wet.
    • Easy to Change: With a range of adaptors to fit Sagola Gravity Spray Guns as well as other manufacturers’ guns, starting to use Sagola DPC™ System couldn’t be easier
    • Easy to Clean: Compared to traditional gravity cups the Sagola DPC™ System significantly reduces cleaning time and solvent use.

    1 – Tough Plastic ABS Cup
    with integrated measuring guides. Available in a range of volumes from 100ml – 800ml (3.38 – 27 fl oz).

    2 – Disposable Liner
    recyclable and designed to collapse evenly.

    3 – Screw Collar

    with integrated cup seal.

    4 – Domed Lid & Filter
    integrated, full-diameter filter for consistent paint flow.

    5 – Adaptor
    with enhanced twist lock connector. Compatible with all Sagola spray guns as well as other manufacturers’ guns.

    6 – Cup Seal Plug
    for storing paint whilst not in use.

    Additional information

    Weight 15 kg

    Micron Variation

    125µm Filter, 190µm Filter

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