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    Sagola Mini Xtreme Easy Clean SMART Spray Gun (PG10111801 / PG10111808)

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    Sagola Mini Xtreme Easy clean SMART Spray Gun (PG10111801 / PG10111808)

    The Sagola Mini Xtreme Spray Gun includes all the functionality of the Sagola 4600 Xtreme in a lightweight, compact gun – ideal for spot repair.

    Sagola has produced the Mini Xtreme to be light, robust and ergonomically balanced in the hand, due to the way the gun has been designed this gun does not need any O-rings or gaskets between the air and paint, making the cleaning of the gun fast and efficient, perfect for the SMART repairer. Fan patterns are designed to obtain the best drying times and finish, all at low pressures of 0.8 – 1.0 bar. Tempered stainless steel nozzles and needles.

    Sagola Mini Xtreme Easy Clean SMART Gun (PG10111801 / PG10111808)




    Small but powerful

    Light, ergonomic, strong and adapted to the latest technologies. The Sagola 4600 Mini Xtreme reduces mist and saves paint.




    Sagola Mini Xtreme Easy Clean SMART Gun (PG10111801 / PG10111808)




    All the features of our high-end finishes gun in a compact size

    Forged anodized aluminium body, “soft flow” air valve without pressure drops, interchangeable aluminium aircaps, product regulator floating ring, metal to metal technology, one single part automatic packing gland, stainless steel ergonomic and soft trigger.



    Metal on Metal Contact

    No gaskets, rubber or plastic parts on product area. Designed without air diffusers. Extremely easy to maintain and clean.

    Sagola Mini Xtreme Spray Gun

    Specially design for spot repair, the Sagola Mini Xtreme with a range of aircap, needle & nozzle combinations, can also be used as a finishes gun, making the most of its lightness, ergonomics and low air consumption.

    With high product transfer efficiency giving better coverage saving paint and time, the Sagola Mini Xtreme Aircap range offer one of the highest performances in their category.

    The 4600 Mini Xtreme includes:

    • Fan width 26cm fan width from a compact gun
    • Versatile
    • The perfect gun for spot repairs but also ideal for spraying smaller parts and hard to reach areas
    • Low air consumption Only 190l/min (6.7cfm) air consumption at 2bar (29psi) of inlet pressure

    The Sagola Mini Xtreme is available to purchase as a complete kit with the aircap, needle and nozzle specified supplied and fitted.

    Alternatively, as the spray gun is universal and can be used with any of the aircaps in the Mini range, all items can be purchased separately to meet your specific requirements.

    Sagola Mini Xtreme Easy Clean SMART Gun (PG10111801 / PG10111808)


    Sagola Mini Xtreme Kit Contents

    Each Sagola Mini Xtreme is Supplied with:

    1. Aircap, needle & nozzle kit (supplied fitted)

    2. 125ml or 500ml (4.23 – 16.9fl oz) Reusable Plastic Gravity Cup with Product Filter

    3. Wrench for removing and fitting the nozzle and all servicing needs

    4. Colour Code Identifiers perfect for identifying guns when there are multiple painters (x3)

    5. Cleaning Brush

    6. Key Assembly for changing the air valve


    Sagola Mini Xtreme Easy Clean SMART Gun (PG10111801 / PG10111808)

    Sagola Mini Xtreme Easy Clean SMART Gun (PG10111801 / PG10111808)


    Product Testimonials

    “Initially we tried this on a front bumper corner blend in. This job had to be kept tight and locally blended. The MiniExtreme performed very well and gave good atomization and control. The gun was used for blending and lacquering with good results.”
    – Paul Silvester of Silvester Coachworks: Lexus Dark Blue (8R7)

    “Again the MiniExtreme was up to the job and applied basecoat evenly with good control. Lacquer finish was also of a very high standard. The MiniXtreme was really liked for its air diffusion system permitting smooth spray at low pressures of 0.8 to 1.0 bar.”
    – Paul Silvester of Silvester Coachworks: Mitsubishi Lancer Rear Bumper complete

    “The MiniExtreme was a big surprise to us and is now our main choice for small to medium repairs.”

    “Hi Andy, Chris,

    thank you for the Sagola Mini Xtreme which I received on Friday. As you will already be aware I’m a ‘bit’ of a collector and have many guns already. When I saw Sagola were producing a new Smart Repair gun it was only going to be a case of when I got one.

    I received the 1mm version with the EPA cap after discussing my requirements with Sagola.

    My first job was a rear bumper on a Toyota, which I applied base first followed by lacquer at 2 bar from about 6 inches away. I applied a gripper coat just to get a feel for the gun followed by a full coat. The finish could have been heavier, but it was my first play and secretly I think I wanted to apply another coat. This coat was applied from about 8 inches away at 1.5 bar. Seemed to get a better finish with less overspray.

    The next job was VW Bora’s front wing, which was also based and then lacquered, but this time with a straight full coat at 2 bar, please see photo. Fantastic finish straight from the gun with very little nibs or trash in the paint and again very little overspray/pollution in the air which accounts for a large percentage of trash in the finish.

    My next job was a motorbike tank, this time I tried the gun at 1bar and still achieved a very good gun finish and very little overspray.

    Then I decided to see what the gun was capable of and sprayed a full gennetta, see pictures. The gun applied the base mottle free and very evenly with no striping and the lacquer was flawless. I found the gun seems to produce a good peel free finish at about 1.3 bar, from about 8 inches away with medium pace application.

    If I was to be critical I think the gun would be helped by a larger fan, which I would assume the 1.2mm tip would provide.

    Best Regards,



    For Spray Gun Adaptors please follow the Blue links below for selected adaptor.

    Brand Adaptor Number
    3M PPS Series 1 No.05 (16035)
    3M PPS Series 2 No. S05 (26035)
    DeVilbiss DeKups DPC-13
    SATA RPS No.7 (133595)
    Colad Snap Lid No.10 (9370A10)

    Additional information

    Weight 1.1 kg


    Aqua 0.8mm (PG10111801), Aqua 1.0mm (PG10111802), Aqua 1.2mm (PG10111803), EPA 0.8mm (PG10111806), EPA 1.0mm (PG10111807), EPA 1.2mm (PG10111808), HVLP 1.0mm (PG10111809), HVLP 1.2mm (PG10111810), HVLP 1.3mm (PG10111804), HVLP 1.4mm (PG10111805), TECH 0.6mm (PG10111811), TECH 1.0mm (PG10111812)

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