SATA Care Set (162628)



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    SATA Care Set (162628)

    The SATA Care Set provides space for all utensils required for the cleaning and maintenance of sprayguns. Several different brushes to clean spraygun body, air cap and fluid tip as well as all material passages of the spraygun are included in the delivery. The delicate front drillings of the air cap can be cleaned with special needles which are also contained in the care set, while the silicone-free SATA hig perfomrance grease in a 100ml tube serves to protect springs and gun control elements to keep the working perfectly long term.

    The SATA Care Set offers space for additional tools whihc are, for instance, included to the scope of delivery of a sparygun, such as universal spanner, allen key or the extraction tool for the air distribution ring. Even a repair kit and the SATA air tester can be conveniently stored in the SATA care set. This way, all essentially required utensils are always readily to hand. 

    The bag is made from polyester to protect its content against dirt and dust.

    Equipped with serveral practical eyes, the SATA Care Set can be also conveniently wall-mounted.

    Included in kit:

    • Cleaning brush, large for the spraygun body 
    • 5 Cleaning brushes, medium for the fluid tip and all material passages of the sparygun
    • 5 Cleaning brushes, double-sided for air caps and fluid tip drillings
    • 12 Nozzle cleaning needles for front drillings of air cap and fluid tip
    • High performance grease, 100ml

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