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    SATA Filter 100 Prep Double-Stage Sinter Filter / Fine Filter with Pressure Regulator Output (148247)

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    SATA Filter 100 Prep Double-Stage Sinter Filter / Fine Filter with Pressure Regulator Output

    Perfect painting finishes can only be achieved when the substrate is perfectly prepared. SATAjet 100 B F spray guns and the SATA filter 100 prep are the perfect team for these requirements. The SATA filter 100 prep is especially suitable for the air purification in the preparation area. Condensates, oil droplets and dust particles are reliably separated, thus avoiding expensive and time consuming rework.

    Only consistent cleaning of the compressed air in preparation areas reliably avoids coating flaws causing costly rework and customers’ dissatisfaction.

    Advantages at a glance:

    • Finest particles and substances harmful to the paint, respectively, down to a size of 0.1 micron are reliably separated.
    • The first filtering stage with cyclone separator and sintered bronze filter reliably separates oil droplets, condensate and aerosols from the compressed air.
    • The second filtering stage, the micro fibre fine filter, separates fine particles down to a size of 0.1 micron
    • The automatic condensate outlet of the first filtering stages keeps the service maintenance low and increases the operating safety.
    • Pressure regulator valve with pressure gauge for the precise adjustment of outlet pressure
    • Easy installation
    • Sturdy and low maintenance
    • Small investment for substantial quality increase
    Technical Specifications 
    • Air inlet: G 1/2 int.
    • Operatiing inlet pressure: 10.0 bar (145 psi)
    • Operating outlet pressure: 10.0 bar (145 psi)
    • Air flow rated at 6 bars/87 psi: < 800 NI/min (<28.3 cfm)
    • Max. surrounding temperature (Not suitable for heatable spray booths!): 50°C
    • Weight: 2.9kg

    For the perfect application of primers and fillers, we recommend the use of SATAjet 100 B spray guns

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    Weight 2 kg