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SATA Filter Cartridge (pack of 6)

To remind users to exchange saturated filter elements regularly, from now on all SATA filter regulators will be supplied with a set of SATA filter timers.

Easy to use 

When a new filter regulator unit is installed, the filter time must be activated.

Press the button to “start” the servicing of the interval of the respective filter stage. Over time, the display window with gradually turn red, indicating the passage of time and serving as a guide to measure the measure of filter saturation. When the window is completely red, the concerned filter cartridge will need to be replaced.

In line with the two different recommended replacement intervals of approx. three (activated charcoal) or six months (fine and sintered filter) respectively, there will be two filter timer version available.

Additionally, the exchange filter cartridges will also be supplied with SATA filter timers which have to be inserted in the self-adhesive cages on the filter canisters and activated once maintenance is completed.

For SATA filter 284 or 484

Included in pack

  • Fine Filter Cartridge – 81810 (2x)
  • Activated Charcoal Cartridge – 85373 (4x)

Please note that this special price will only be valid during the product launch period which will last until August 31, 2015! 

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