SATA RPS Rotawall Adapter Kit (196543)



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    SATA RPS Rotawall Adapter Kit Only (196543)

    Please note: This kit contains the carousel ground spindle and wall holder (top and bottom), tubes not included

    A new, space saving dispenser system for the proven disposable cups SATA RPS (Rapid Preparation System), is the SATA RPS Wall Dispenser (195784). 

    The basic dispenser system consists of six tubes for the safe storage of cups, lids and sieves relating to two different cup sizes. With just three extra tubes contained in the SATA RPS Extension Kit, a third cup size can be added.

    Due to the new dispenser system, everything has its defined place. Either next to each on the wall or, compactly arranged, on rotating spindles available as accessories. These spindles can be optionally mounted to the wall (SATA RPS Rotawall Adapter Kit), a workbench or directly on to the floor (SATA RPS Rotafloor Adapter Kit, 196550 + 197723).


    With only 3 components only (cup, lid and sieve), the system is easy and safe to handle. The cups attach directly on all modern SATA sprayguns without an adapter, keeping the system extremely light and easy to handle. The sprayguns remain easy to clean, as there are no undercuts in their material passages where paint residues could settle. 

    The ventilation valve in the bottom of the cup ensures constant flow, thus providing an even material delivery during the entire painting process up to the very last droplet. This allows efficient paint application achieving perfect finishes. 

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