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    SATA Spray master RP Gravity Spray Gun (73734 / 74120 / 72900)

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    SATA Spray master RP Gravity Spray Gun

    The SATA Spray master RP combines low overspray gun technology with the features of a pressure-fed gun. With this combination, almost all materials, with different viscosities, can be sprayed with one single nozzle size. No gun conversion is necessary.

    Pressurised gravity pot allows for the application of very viscous materials and decorator products including textured materials.

    Technical Specification

    • Inlet pressure: 2.0 bar (29.0psi)
    • Air consumption: 220 Nl/min (7.8cfm)
    • Spray distance: 18-23cm (7-9 inches)

    All round talent in carpentry and painting.

    The SATA spray master RP combines trend-setting, mist reduced high pressure technology with the advantageous properties of a material pressure supported spray gun. With this unique combination, almost all paint systems of different viscosities up to thick-film glazes can be processed with excellent painting results.

    Product Benefits

    • All round talent: With the pressurised cup and the wide horn nozzle set, practically any material can be perfectly processed in carpentry and painting.
    • Fine atomisation: the optimized internal nozzle pressure ensures perfect results
    • High efficiency: the transfer rates are significantly higher than the 65% required by the VOC legislation
    • Low air consumption – therefore also suitable for small compressors
    • With the nozzle size “SM” (approx. 1.3) this gun can be used for almost any spray material – only the pressure in the cup has to be adjusted according to the viscosity.

    Suitable areas of application

    • Carpentry
    • Decorative Painting
    • Yacht and Boat Building

    Additional information

    Weight 1.5 kg

    Air consumption

    230,0 Nl/min

    Max. inlet air pressure

    3,0 bar

    Packaging unit

    1,0 Pieces

    Net weight

    1,7 – 1,9 kg

    Nozzle Size


    Nozzle Technology


    SATA adam compatibility

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