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    SATA Single Stage Filter 264 (141226)

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    SATA Stage Filter 264 (141226)

    Add-on kit single-stage activated charcoal filter without pressure regulator to retrofit SATA filter 244 to SATA filter 284

    Economical combi fine filter unit for highest air quality requirements in paint spraying and fresh air supplied breathing systems. For installation in paint booths, preparation and other workshop areas.

    Benefits and specifications

    • Excellent compressed air quality – removes oil, water and particles
    • Double or triple filter units for the ultimate compressed air purification
    • Activated charcoal filter cartridge (third stage) removes oil vapours and odours from compressed air for breathing purposes
    • Large, highly functional, durable and wear and tear-resistant filter components
    • No desiccant-related disadvantages
    • Fully automatic condensate discharge valve
    • 5 micron sintered filter and 0.01-micron fine filter provide 100 % technically clean air
    • 70 cfm (2000 Nl/min) airflow capacity – sufficient air volume to supply two spray booths simultaneously with sprayable and breathable clean air
    • Air inlet G ½ inch internal thread; air outlet G ¼ inch BSP external thread

    Additional information

    Weight 1 kg

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