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    Moldex Premium P2 Fume/Odour Respirator-Feather-light! (2435 / 2435-1)

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    Moldex Premium P2 Fume/Odour Respirator-Feather-light!

    Moldex 2435 Smart Series dust, mist and fume respirator with Ventex valve. Moldex 2435 masks protect against toxic dusts, mists and fumes based on water and oil and give relief against nuisance organic gases. There is a strap and clip on the mask so that it can be hung around the neck during breaks avoiding contamination. Nose seal increases comfort and AcitvForm seal automatically adjusts to different face shapes and valve reduced moisture and heat.

    The activated layer of charcoal built into this mask allows relief from low level of gases and vapours, often found in conjunction with particulate hazards.

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