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    Syrox Mixing Tint S350 Dark Yellow 0.35L

    The Syrox Basecoat is part of the compact Syrox refinish system. The waterborne formulation is new European technology. That means easy, familiar application methods and great results. The specially-designed bottles only need to be shaken by hand before use, and with their special dosing lids and level indicator window, refinishers can use every last drop of material. Using Syrox Basecoat and its colour tools gives no-nonsense, accurate colour matching, while the colour database provides Syrox users with access to over 70,000 colour formulas.

    Product Features

    • 2.5 coat wet-on-dry application.
    • Ready to use; simple mixing ratio for all colours.
    • Precise dosing.
    • Easy blending.
    • Very little overspray.
    • Good vertical stability.

    syrox paint tinters scheme

    Additional information

    Weight 1 kg