• UniBond Grey Power Tape *Extra Strong* (UniBond-Grey)

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    UniBond Grey Power Tape *Extra Strong* (UniBond-Grey)

    UniBond Power Tape can be used to fix, bind, repair, and colour code indoors and outdoors. It’s even suitable for temporary repairs to tents, burst pipes, guttering, cars, sports equipment and more. Unibond Power Tape is also easy to tear by hand, with no cutting device necessary.


    • Extra heavy-duty strength, fabric-reinforced polyethylene tape that is easy to tear by hand
    • For fixing, binding, and repairing most common materials indoors and outdoors
    • Due to the 3-layer technology UniBond Power Tape has extra strong adhesion, resists air and water pressure up to 4 bar, and is waterproof
    • Indoor and outdoor use

    How To Use

    1. Surfaces must be clean and dry.
    2. To generate maximum adhesion performance, press the tape strongly and evenly on the surface.
    3. For optimum bonding results apply the tape at room temperature.
    4. Apply multiple layers for extra strength.

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