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    Unic UIF-25 Little Blue Filter for Spraygun Cleaners (UIF-25)

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    Unic UIF-25 Little Blue Filter for Spraygun Cleaners

    The Little Blue Filter (UIF-25) is an in-line solvent filtration system that can be retrofitted to any Unic International spray gun cleaner. The system works by removing a percentage of paints and other waste from the dirty solvent and delivering a cleaner solvent into the gun cleaning area of the machine. Once fitted the Little Blue Filter constantly filters the fluid.

    Unic first piloted this system with Augusta Westland helicopters and GKN Aerospace as part of their VOC reduction program. GKN aerospace gave us figures that showed a 75% reduction in solvent usage, from 2 x 25-litre drums per week to 2 x 25-litre drums per month. In turn, this reduced their VOCs and waste removal costs by 75%.

    A monthly filter change is also recommended so that the little blue filter works at peak efficiency, and your spray gun cleaner retains maximally efficient cleaning capabilities. 

    (Gun cleaner not included) 

    Please note: all Unic products are made to order so expect 1-2 weeks before delivery

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