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    3M Blue Fine Line Masking Tape (33m) *Excellent Flexibility Around Curves* (06404 / 06405 / 06408)

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    3M Blue Fine Line Masking Tape (33m) (06404 / 06405 / 06408)

    A highly flexible fine detail masking tape with excellent adhesion to plastic and rubber mouldings. No adhesion transfer. Excellent flexibility around curves. 33 metres per roll.

    • Provides clean removal without adhesive residue after a 30 minute bake cycle at 121 °C. Even no ghosting effect
    • Flexible and conformable tape creates fine paint lines for striping, colour separation and complex designs
    • Semi-translucent backing allows for accurate alignment with simple and complex patterns
    • Resists lifting from compound surfaces, contours, depressions, and angles for precision paint design results
    • Versatile rubber adhesive bonds and conforms to many surfaces including resins and lifts cleanly

    3M™ Vinyl Tape 471+ is for accurate masking alignment with simple or complex patterns. Our tape provides clean removal without adhesive residue, even after a 30 minute bake cycle at 121 °C. It resists lifting from compound surfaces, contours, depressions and angles for precision paint results.

    3M Vinyl Tape 471+ brings performance and productivity for fine line masking in many critical painting applications. Sharp, clean paint lines for colour separation are possible with our tape because it resists lifting, and its versatile rubber adhesive bonds to a wide variety of surfaces, including resins, then lifts off cleanly from flat or compound surfaces. We designed this tape to conform well to curves and to stretch and hold, even with a radius as tight as 3.81 cm. It follows irregular designs to deliver sharp lines. Its moderate translucence allows for alignment where complex patterns are outlined. The flexible vinyl backing is also abrasion-resistant and will protect adjacent surfaces in sanding operations. When finished, its one-piece removal preserves the sharp paint lines it helped create.

    Available in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 , see drop down box for options, price varies on size.

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