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    3M Perfect it-III Microfine Abrasive Sand Paper 314 (Pack of 50) (02023 / 02044) [02048 / 02049]

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    3M Perfect it-III Microfine Abrasive Sand Paper 314 (138 x 230mm, Pack of 50)

    Coated in sharp abrasive mineral silicon carbon for long product life and good surface quality, 3M Wetordry can be used for both wet or dry applications. The lightweight, water resistant backing provides flexibility and conformability with a wide range of grades to enable a ultra fine finish to be achieved.

    3M 314 production abrasive paper utilises aluminium oxide mineral for a superior finish. Areas affected by paint imperfections are removed using our highest quality Perfect-it Microfine Wetordry abrasive paper. 

    Abrasive denib and blemish removal. Improvements in paint technology and the demand for even higher levels of finish quality achieved by the painter has led to superfine Wetordry abrasive papers such as Perfect-it Microfine abrasive papers.

    Please see drop down for grade options.

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