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    CarFinish Bodyfiller Liquid Plastic – 0.4 kg (CAR46430)

    Liquid Plastic is a highly flexible polyester-based fine putty for repair work on plastic parts. The product was developed with maximum flexibility in mind for repairing bumpers and other flexible plastic parts and guarantees excellent adhesion properties. Due to the low viscosity and the self-levelling properties, an even and pore-free material application as well as ultra-fine transitions are guaranteed.

    Extremely high flexibility | Modern generation of fillers | Self-levelling

    Easy to sand | Even and pore-free material application

    Technical Information


    The highly flexible polyester-based plastic fine filler is used to fill and smooth small defects or to remove large-scale sanding marks and micropores on plastic parts.

    Substrates Excellent adhesion properties on all sanded plastic surfaces such as PP, EPDM, ABS, PC, PPO, PA, RTPU, PBTP, PVC, PUR, PUR, UP-GF
    Preparation Thoroughly clean the entire repair area before sanding to remove all dirt, oil and wax residue. Sand the repair area to roughen the surface. Sand out deep sanding grooves with a fine grit. Then remove the dust. The substrate must be completely dry before applying the material.
    Mixing The mixing ratio is 2%. Place the required amount of filler on a clean, grease-free mixing board and add the 2% hardener. Only use the CarFinish hardener provided!
    Instruct First apply a very thin layer of the mixed material to the repair area using firm pressure. This ensures optimal and pore-free wetting of the substrate as well as ideal adhesion. Then build up the required material thickness layer by layer.
    Grind After a drying time of 25-35 minutes, the sanding process can begin. The initial grinding can be started directly with P180 to P240. Avoid deep sanding marks outside the repair area. Fine sanding before filler application can be done with up to P320.
    Technical data
    • Color: Black
    • State of aggregation: liquid/creamy
    • Processing time: 3-4 minutes at 20°C
    • Can be sanded dry: 25-35 minutes at 20°C
    • Max. layer thickness: 3 mm (ground)
    • Ingredients and precautions: Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) available upon request
    • VOC: EU limit for volatile organic compounds: 250 g/l (2007) This product contains a maximum of 26 g/l VOC.
    Durability The minimum shelf life of the filler is 12 months in the originally sealed container. For the hardener paste, at least 18 months.
    Storage Store the product at a temperature between +15 °C and +25 °C in a closed container. Avoid direct sunlight, fire and open heat sources. Store in a cool and dry place.
    Safety instructions Be sure to read all instructions and warnings before using CarFinish products

    CarFinish Bodyfiller Liquid Plastic - 0.4 kg (CAR46430)

    Additional information

    Weight 1 kg

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