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    CarFinish Bodyfiller Liquid Sand – 250 ml (CAR46411)

    Liquid Sand is a self-levelling polyester fine putty from the current generation of fillers. The product was specially developed to reduce working time and speed up repair processes without having to accept any loss of quality. Due to the self-levelling property of the material, the product is ideally suited to repair large areas of damage easily and effectively, for example. Direct application to the sanded OEM paint keeps the repair area as small as possible and thus speeds up the repair of stone chips, dents, micro-pores and deep sanding marks. Liquid Sand is therefore the ideal product for all smart and spot repair applications.

    Modern filler technology | Self-levelling | Quickly repair minor stone chips and dents

    Elimination of micro-pores and deep grinding marks | Ideal for smart and spot repairs | Even and pore-free material application


    CarFinish Bodyfiller Liquid Sand - 250 ml (CAR46411)

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