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    CarFinish Bodyfiller Ultra Sand – 1 ltr (CAR46400)

    Ultra Sand is the new, lightweight, premium-class universal putty for 90% of everyday repair processes. Thanks to the excellent drying and sanding properties, the repair process is not only significantly accelerated, but also qualitatively improved. You save time, material and avoid expensive rework!

    Ultra Sand initially feels a bit unfamiliar when processing it. But there are good reasons for this. Due to the low viscosity of the material, the material is automatically built up in layers when processed correctly. This ensures an even and pore-free application. The grinding process can be started after just 10 minutes. In addition to quick drying, Ultra Sand is also characterized by being particularly easy to sand. A particularly high level of material removal can be achieved easily and with little clogging of the sandpaper. The grinding process can be started directly with P180 to P240.

    With Ultra Sand, the sanding process is already completed after approx. 20 minutes – after this time, with a conventional repair putty, sanding can sometimes only begin.

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