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    Colad Film4Booth (6860)

    A perfectly spotless paint-job needs a well maintained spray booth

    Protect your spray booth walls for 1 year, using this 4-layered protection film! Whether you want to keep your brand-new paint spray booth as clean as possible, restore your ageing spray booth to like-new condition, or prevent dust from swirling onto paint-jobs; the innovative Spray Booth Maintenance Solutions by Colad® will help you protect your investment, keep your booth clean and guarantee better paint-jobs. Can be applied over lights and windows. Film4Booth is suitable to be used on the walls of a spray booth.


    A transparent, protective, self adhesive film that can be applied to mask your booth walls. Protects your walls from overspray and is easily removed by simply peeling off the layers one by one when contaminated.

    Benefits of Film4Booth

    • Film is treated for paint-adhesion
    • Apply to new or freshly repainted booth
    • Incl. 6 rolls of tape

    Technical features of Film4Booth

    • Color: Transparent
    • Tacky: no
    • Roll length: 84 m
    • Roll width: 90 cm
    • Material: Polypropylene (PP) (antistatic)
    • Thickness: 220 micron
    • Amount of layers usage: 4 layers self-adhesive
    • Application temp.:  Between 15 and 40 degrees
    • Melting temperature: 120°C
    • Suitable for all surfaces
    • 12 months of protection
    • Easy to apply with adapter and dispenser
    • No loss of light and paint adhesive
    • Includes 6 rolls of tape




    Colad Film4Booth (Wall) (6860) Colad Film4Booth (Wall) (6860) Colad Film4Booth (Wall) (6860) Colad Film4Booth (Wall) (6860)

    Additional information

    Weight 6 kg

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