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    Colad Stick&Go (676010 / 676025 / 6710025)

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    Colad Stick&Go (676010 / 676025 / 6710025)

    The Colad Stick&Go is a white self-adhesive foil for the protection of surfaces in the mixing room, spray booth floors, stainless steel table tops and paint mixing areas. It resists chemical solvents and acids.

    Easy to apply with no heat required, provides good bonding to both smooth and rougher surfaces whilst being easy to remove after use. It can be directly used from the roll however for additional ease of application use; dispense using a Colad Foil Dispenser.

    Benefits of Stick & Go®

    • A self-adhesive strong and durable white film. Makes cleaning very easy
    • White satin finish for optimum reflection
    • Strong and durable (100 micron)
    • Treated with paint adhesion
    • Easy to apply and cut
    • Solvent resistant
    • Anti-slip surface
    • Easy to remove, does not leave adhesive residue
    • Can be used in combination with Dust Control to eliminate dust
    • Not anti-static

    Technical features of Stick & Go®

    • Material: Polypropylene (PP) (Antistatic)
    • Melting temperature: 120°C
    • Color: White
    • Film width: 60 cm
    • Roll length: 10 m
    • Thickness: 220 micron
    • Ribbed surface: Anti slip properties for safe working
    • Application temperature: Between 15 and 40°C
    • Packing: Per roll in a box
    • Easy to apply and cut
    • Very strong
    • Ribbed anti-slip surface to provide extra safety
    • Available in 60cm x 10m, 60cm x 25m and 100cm x 25m rolls

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    Weight 3 kg

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