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    Deltalyo 800W Multispray (TMR80)

    High performance, low noise turbine.

    The Deltalyo Multispray is ideal for big area work for example, fences, house walls etc. The turbine design gives out a constant spray giving you a fine and equal finish. It is suitable to spray solvent-based and water-based paints on surfaces such as metals, woods etc. 

    – 1.3mm nozzle set as standard – Additional sizes are available

     – Eliminates overspray – saving on materials

     – Constant spray

     – Adjustable spray: horizontal, vertical or round pattern

     – Electronic air flow control

    Technical Data

    • High performance, low noise turbine (80.4 db)
    • Variable output
    • Heavy duty electric 800 watt motor
    • Air flow rate of 535-1850 l/min
    • 3m air hose length
    • 7m plug length
    • Weighs only 5kg

    Additional information

    Weight 5 kg

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