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    Fast Mover Zip Surface Preparation Tool (FT1048)

    A fantastic air operated surface preparation tool. This tool will efficiently and effectively remove paint, undercoating seam sealer and rust without damaging or taking away the metal.

    The tool is ergonomically designed and can access all those difficult to get at areas – under the wheel arches, between the panels, grooves and tight corners.

    Use the eraser wheels to remove stickers, sign writing adhesive, tape, glue from painted metal, plastic or wood surfaces.

    Kit includes

      • 1 x FT1047 Air surface Conditioning Tool
      • 3 X FMT5085 Wire Brush
      • 3 X FMT5019 Conditioning Wheel
      • 3 X FMT5011 Fluted Rubber Eraser Wheel 100mm
      • 1 X FMT5020 Hub Assembly

    Additional information

    Weight 6 kg

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