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    Flex VCE 22 M MC V Safety Vacuum Cleaner has level monitoring for sucking up liquids with a built-in float.

    Handy and compact vacuum cleaner, easy to use and easy to transport.

    The high-performance turbine ensures high suction power and high vacuum. This creates an excellent suction result
    By activating the manual filter cleaning, the filter element is freed from deposited dust by a targeted blast of air

    Level monitoring, no disruptions when sucking up liquids thanks to the built-in float valve
    With appliance socket and electronic automatic on/off switch
    The soft start avoids voltage peaks when starting the vacuum cleaner and the switch-off delay (5 seconds run-on) empties residual dust in the suction hose
    With accessory depot for suction nozzles and suction tubes on the back
    Equipped with large wheels and two swivel castors
    Equipped with a filter bag made of highly tear-resistant fleece for optimal filling. The extracted dust can be easily disposed of
    Selector switch suction diameter of 32 mm or 21 mm to adjust the optimal volume flow
    The volume flow control via the rotary switch reduces a possible vacuum on the surface during intermediate and fine sanding
    Dust-protected anti-static equipment prevents charging on the suction hose
    Class M safety vacuum cleaner, suitable for all dusts with AGW values ≥ 0.1 mg/m³. Especially for mineral dust and wood dust (also beech and oak)
    Flow sensor technology monitors the volume flow and reports an acoustic signal if it falls below the legal minimum value of ≤ 20m/s


    Technical specifications:


    power consumption 1200W
    Tension 230V
    frequency 50/60Hz
    Volume flow suction 3700 l/min
    Max. negative pressure 24500 Pa
    container volume 20L
    device socket Yes
    Automatic switch on power tools Yes
    Suction control mechanically
    hose length 4 m
    Number of naturally aspirated engines 1 piece
    cable length 7.5m
    Dimension LxWxH 377x387x506mm
    Weight 9.5kg
    Charging Doc EU Plug with UK Adapter

    Additional information

    Weight 5 kg

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