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    Iwata TSFR13603 3 Stage Filter Regulator (TSFR13603)

    inlet and outlet – 1/4

    High quality filter unit, providing safe and breathable air for the spraybooth

    The TSFR13603 is a high quality 3-stage filter unit providing safe, breathable air for the spraybooth. 60 cfm from the first filter provides enough air to run two spray guns, plus high quality breathable air for up to two air-fed masks.

    The filter removes particles to 0.01 micron, with maximum remaining oil content at 21°C is 0.003mg/m.

    Features a robust die cast alloy filter body with glass windows that enable you to see the condition of the filters. The gauge is built into regulator for safety, which is easily removed for cleaning. Also includes one-twist quick release bowls for ease of maintenance, and nitrile rubber seals for longer life.

    For replacement filter elements, see related products below.

    Technical Specifications

    • Max operating pressure: 0 – 10 bar
    • Max operating temperature: 80°C
    • Max inlet flow: 15 bar
    • Drain valve, semi automatic

    Additional information

    Weight 3 kg

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